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Tendrel.net is the home intranet for Roger and Char Edwards. Feel free to view any of the site resources, particularly the Tibetan Language resources. All images on this site are copyrighted.

quoteThe Tibetan term 'tendrel' embraces such a profusion of possible meanings and associations that it cannot easily be rendered with a single word. It is made up of ten, meaning 'support,' plus drel, meaning 'dependence, conditionality,' and thus indicates that all phenomena are linked with each other and dependent on each other. Therefore, nothing exists on its own, by its own power.

Tibetan Fonts

Visit the Tibetan Himalayan Digital Library Web site to download the Tibetan Machine Uni font to view Tibetan characters. Copy the font into your C:/windows/font/ folder. The Tibetan characters display fine in Firefox, but not in Internet Explorer. Download Firefox.

Roger's Photographs

Roger's photography web site. Visit TendrelPhotography.Zenfolio.com.

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